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Uraw cosmetics in 2015 Uraw cosmetics A.S. it is an e-commerce organization that creates value with the price and quality established by the company and aims to be the leading and most reliable brand.

Uraw Cosmetics has set out to meet the highest quality cosmetic products with its customers.

URAW cosmetics was founded with 100% domestic and national capital.

Uraw Cosmetics is based on the principle of perfect customer satisfaction and has an innovative, fair, positive and customer satisfaction oriented business understanding.

URAW Cosmetics manufactures cosmetic products using raw materials that do not harm human health in any way by taking the criteria explained by the Ministry of health of the Republic of Turkey and the World Health Organization (who).

In addition to Turkey, URAW cosmetics exports its domestic capital products to Iraq, Azerbaijan, USA, Germany, France, England, Italy, Russia and the Arabian Peninsula and represents Turkey in the Global Market.

URAW Cosmetics makes investments in R & D and presents the product to the market with R & D studies, results and tests for each product group.

UAW Cosmetics has also been recognized in international platforms for decades with dozens of patented brands within it.

UAW cosmetics works with giant names of domestic and foreign sector as payment options in e-commerce system.

In the e-commerce system, URAW cosmetics works with MNG cargo for Turkey, domestic cargo, Aras cargo and speed cargo for Turkey, and DHL, UPS and FedEx for abroad.

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